People's Leasing And Financial Services Limited

Lease Finance

  • LEASE FINANCE: Lease financing is asset-backed financing against industrial machinery, commercial types of equipment, office types of equipment, generators, vehicles, vessels, engines, etc.


Key Features:

• Financing available up to 80% of procurement cost

• Sale and Lease Back option for machinery/equipment, provided they're not more than 1 year old, financing up to 80% of the asset's book value

• Financing term extends up to 05 years, inclusive of grace period

• Lease rentals structured as per cash flow generation (monthly, quarterly)

• Legal ownership retained by PLFS throughout the lease period, transferred to the client upon liability adjustment

• Ownership transferred to the client at term's end and/or facility settlement

• Ability to take over existing loans from other banks/financial institutions

• Interest rate and charges aligned with relevant Bangladesh Bank circulars