People's Leasing And Financial Services Limited

Home Loan

  • HOUSING FINANCE: Housing finance tailored for salaried individuals employed in government, non-governmental, autonomous bodies, independent professionals, and businessmen. This covers purposes like- Flat/Apartment/Commercial space/Complete House purchase or Construction, Renovation, Expansion, or Refurbishment of existing flat/apartment/house or Commercial space/building.


Key Features:

• Repayment period extending up to 20 years

• Loan-to-value ratio set at 70% of the property value

• Loans granted against registered mortgage and under a tripartite agreement

• Structured repayment schedule synchronized with business cash flow

• Flexibility for early settlement, either in full or partial

• Option to take over existing loans from other banks/financial institutions

• Moratorium period aligned with construction timetable

• Interest rate and charges in accordance with applicable Bangladesh Bank circulars