People's Leasing And Financial Services Limited

Corporate social responsibility

CSR Activities

Our Company is very careful about the compliance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as it means in letter and spirit. We not only look for congenial environment of our employees in which they work but also care for rendering high standard of services to our clients , encourage investments in environments friendly projects and we are also striving for upliftment of social environment to mitigate human sufferings and we lay emphasis on broadening higher education for the poor but meritorious students and accordingly we have been granting stipends to poor but meritorious students at university level.

With A View To Promote CSR Activities Our Company Was Involved In The Following Social Programs:

Ο The Company extended stipends to 24 Intermediate passed students for purchasing books and defraying monthly educational expenses during the year and the program will continue in the coming years depending on individual performance of the students basing on their results of 2013.

Ο Distributed 4650 blankets to the poor people who were caught in unprecedented coldness during the winter in 2013.

Ο Contributed to National Supplements, Sports and Cultural Activities through profuse advertisements in the Souvenirs published for the purpose.

Ο The Company like previous years organized Picnic for 2013 for the employees and their families in order to increase efficiency by removing monotony of office works and to promote bond of unity and friendship among themselves.