People's Leasing And Financial Services Limited

Message from the Chairman











In contemporary history, the emergence of Bangladesh is the restoration of the 'status- quo' of a great and wealthy nation, the Bangladeshi ‘Jaatee’ an Austric Super Language Race derivation from the people of the Brahmaputra-Gangas Plaines and delta. There was the interplay of two major factors of the emergency: One was the political process of an independent country and the other the economic power for the freedom from the people from the poverty and attains financial freedom.

Capital mobilization is one of the key issues for the country. Banks and non-banking Financial Institution companies are engaged in capital-based business operations causing significant contributions to the business sector. The newly emerging sub-sector of Ready Made garments and the readiness of the Bengali workforce and Remittance from Middle countries have placed Bangladesh in a solid formulation Bangladesh at 27 th largest economy of the World.

Proto- Industry or ‘Karkhanas’ is the indigenous production process in the main sources of finished products for general peoples engaged in the hurdles of small and medium scale industry. Production generates huge in equality and jobs. People’s Leasing and Financial Services Limited is observing the field of investment in small and medium level business. The national economy is developing – ‘Globalization’ (global plus local) in economic activities replacing the ‘globalization’ or dependence on import by providing local made import substitutes. reducing dependence. People’s Leasing and Financial Services Limited would lead the new horizon of Capital management near the future. Despite the ongoing geo-political instabilities and Economic crises affecting the NBFI sectors and market liquidity all around the globe, we are proudly steering the NBFI in the right direction in the fourth year with rewarding NBFI Business and encouraging Financial indicators, as one of the best amongst the fourth-generation NBFIs in the country, by strategically channelizing the Investment and remittances of the NRBs from across the globe into the economy of our country under the proactive guidance and supervision of the Bangladesh Bank, without whose unstinted support we could not have explored and achieved this far, in sustaining the macroeconomic development of our nation.