Deposit Schemes

PLFS introduces attractive investment products for the interested depositors. One can choose single or multiple scheme(s) among the programs.

Short Term Deposit

Term: 03 months

Term Deposit

Term: 06 months

Annual Profit Term Deposit

Term: 12 months

Cumulative Profit Term Deposit

Term: 12-36 months

Monthly Earner Deposit

Term: 12-36 months

Quarterly Earner Deposit

Term: 12-36 months

Q-5 (Quarter for 5 times)

Term: 15 months

Double Money Scheme*

Term: 72 months (6 years)

Triple Money Scheme*

Not available.

Key Features and Benefits

  Flexibility of tenors.
  Competitive interest rates/profits.
  No requirement of establishment or account opening fees.
  Quick Loan facility against deposit.
  Dedicated relationship manager(s) to provide customized services at your doorstep.
  Auto renewal facility [ with or without interest ]

Contact Us: For any queries about our different deposit schemes, please feel free to contact us at +88 02 55110930 or email us at