Products & Services

SME Finance:

PLFS promotes small and medium entrepreneurs in manufacturing, trading and service industries through its SME Finance Scheme. Entrepreneurs need to have minimum 2 years of experience in the same line of business are primarily eligible for the scheme. Loan limit for small enterprise is Tk.5.00 Lac to Tk. 50.00 Lac. Considering the sponsors’ past track record, future prospect, opportunities and threats, we offer the following products:

  • Lease Finance
  • Sale and Lease Back
  • Term Loan
  • Project Finance
  • Factoring
  • Women Entrepreneur
  • Refinancing From Bangladesh Bank


Lease Finance:
PLFS offer asset backed financing against industrial machinery, commercial equipments, office equipments, generators, vehicles, vessels, engines, etc. whose possession and right to use (but not ownership) are transferred to lessee for the lease period only.


Sale and Lease Back:
PLFS offer financing against existing assets (already procured/in-use) of a company including industrial machinery, commercial equipments, office equipments, generators, vehicles, vessels, engines, etc. Ownership of the assets is transferred to PLFS at the time of financing, and is re-transferred to the client at the end of the lease period after adjustment of lease.


Term Loan:
PLFS offer Term Financing to meet regular capital/fixed expenditures such as balancing of production line, modernization of manufacturing process, expansion of capacity and space, etc. Fully amortized equal monthly payment schedule. The longer maturity of loans (maximum five years) can reduce the size of installment payments and help improve the cash flow of the enterprises.


Project Finance:
PLFS offer Project Financing for setting up a new unit in addition to their existing product line and capacity, starting a new concern as part of an existing group in different sectors. The project must maintain a certain Debt-Equity ratio. Loan tenure will be 5 years & above based on product type. Repayment to be made through monthly or quarterly installments.


Factoring of accounts receivables is an arrangement where finance is provided against the credit invoices for supply of goods or services. This helps the supplier to receive a significant portion of the invoice amount soon after the delivery of goods or services.

Women Entrepreneur:
PLFS promotes women entrepreneur loan scheme under SME Department of the company. Women Entrepreneur Loan is a loan facility offered to small and medium business enterprises if the owner is women or women are majority in the enterprise to get the loan against refinance scheme. PLFS also has a Women Entrepreneur Unit for providing all sorts of service to women entrepreneur and create new women entrepreneur.


Refinancing From Bangladesh Bank:
PLFS has signed refinance agreement with Bangladesh bank under the following schemes:

  1. SME Refinance.
  2. Woman Entrepreneur Refinance under SME Finance.
  3. Agro based Refinance.
  4. Refinance Scheme under Green Banking.
  5. Brick Kiln Energy Efficiency Project under ADB Fund.