Message From the Managing Director



Dear Shareholders,


We passed the year 2012 with modest growth. In the backdrop of prevailing money market situation, the element of sustainability of our growth was foremost in our minds and accordingly we worked hard, laid focus on restructuring the organization, redefining our profit centers, development of our Human Resources and improvement of                compliance and core risk management. We believe that our efforts would help the company to meet unforeseen shocks and attain the ability of resilience in the days to come.

In 2012 the money market situation witnessed major changes. Contractionary monetary policy started towards the end of 2011 continued during the year 2012 ostensibly for arresting inflationary pressure. This resulted slow credit growth, slowdown in investments due to hike in borrowing rates. This adversely affected the profitability of the company. PLFS had to use all its creative skills, resources and experience to overcome the     impediments.

In the absence of enabling environment, the company made major strategic decisions that helped in maintaining the company as a going concern. The company focused on mobilizing funds from private sources instead of depending on Bank borrowing and geared up the collection of overdues.

Whatever we have achieved is attributable to the commitment and confidence of our shareholders. We are profoundly grateful for the dedication of all our staff and                co-operation of our customers, the trust of our partners and associates, the support of Bangladesh Bank, the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, R J S C, Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd, Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd and other regulatory authorities.

On a personal note, my heartfelt thanks to our Chairman, Board members for their support, investment decisions with foresightedness and entrusting me to continue to lead the PLFS. Likewise, my thanks also to my fellow management colleagues for their support and commitment in carrying the company forward.

Once again, I sincerely thank all and hope to have better yields for the shareholders in the coming years.




Md. Dalil Ul Haque

Managing Director

June 27, 2013