Principle Activities

Company’s Major / Principal Activities

Debt Products

 Lease Finance

 Term Finance

 Corporate Real Estate Finance

 Real Estate Developer Finance

 Home Loans with Home Loan Shield

 Home Equity Loans

 Car Loans for Individuals

 Business Loan

 Industrial Loan

 Loans /Lease to Service Sectors like Transport, Hospitals, Clinics, universities, Discounting of Bills  etc.

 Agro Based Industrial Loan/Lease

 Trading in Shares in the Secondary Market

Investment Products

 Common Equity Investments

 Preferred Equity Investments


Liability Products

 Term Deposit Scheme

 Debentures, Securitized Bond

Corporate Services

 Project Finance Appraisal

 Project Loan Syndication

 Syndication Agency Services

 Re-financing Arrangement

 Corporate Financial Advisory

 Securitization of Receivables

 Trusteeship Management

 Professional Supports to SMEs


 PLFS Investments Limited