Company’s Major / Principal Activities

PLFS’s Product and Services include

Debt Products:

Lease Finance

Term Finance

Corporate Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Developer Finance

Home Loans with Home Loan Shield

Home Equity Loans

Car Loans for Individuals

Business Loan

Industrial Loan

Loans /Lease to Service Sectors like Transport, Hospitals, Clinics, Universities, Discounting of Bills  etc.

Agro Based Industrial Loan/Lease

Trading in Shares in the Secondary Market

Investment Products:

Common Equity Investments

Preferred Equity Investments


Liability Products

Liability Products:

Term Deposit Scheme

Debentures, Securitized Bond

Corporate Services:

Project Finance Appraisal

Project Loan Syndication

Syndication Agency Services

Re-financing Arrangement

Corporate Financial Advisory

Securitization of Receivables

Trusteeship Management

Professional Supports to SMEs


PLFS Investment Ltd.

Mercantile Securities Ltd.